Techspray 1610-P 99.8% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol 1 Pint

754CH610 MFG #: 1610-P
$11.83 /
  • Chemical Type: Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
  • Container Type: Can
  • Container Volume: 1
  • Flash Point: 53°F (11.7°C)
  • Odor: Alcohol
  • Container Volume UOM: pt.
  • Description Price Table: 1 Pint Bottle
  • Drill Down Description: 99.8% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol, 1 Pint
  • Model: 1610-P
  • Primary Keyword: Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner
  • S3 Page Number Text: 257

For Fast-Drying Cleaning

  • Description
  • 99.8% pure IPA
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Ideal for electronics cleaning & flux thinning
  • ACS reagent grade, fed spec TT-1-735A (amend 3, notice 2) grades A&B, ASTM D770-05

This item is non-returnable

99.8% pure anhydrous (containing the least water possible and no denaturant) isopropyl alcohol is excellent for tape head cleaning, defluxing, stencil cleaning, other light cleaning, and as a flux thinner. Avoid "bargain" alcohols for critical electronic cleaning. Cheap alcohols contain much more water, which slows drying and can cause oxidation, while "denatured" alcohols leave residues.