Techni-Pro 3HIC125 Techni-Stat 3 Spot Humidity Indicator Card 2 x 3 in. 125/Can

758CH0300 MFG #: 3HIC125
$18.47 / PKG
  • Drill Down Description: Techni-Stat 3 Spot Humidity Indicator Card, 2 x 3 in., 125/Can
  • Model: 3HIC125

Make Sure Components are Dry Enough for Solder Reflow!

  • Description
  • Our products under the brands Techni-Tool, Tec-Cut, Techni-Stat, and many others have merged to one brand, Techni-PRO. All the product specifications and functionality remain the same.
  • 3-spot Card
  • Meets: MS20003, approved by all govt. agencies for Method II pkg.
  • Size: 2" x 3"
  • No./pk: 125 .

Confirm that your moisture barrier bags and dessicants have done their job by adding a humidity indicator card (HIC) to each package. Moisture sensitive spots on the HIC respond to various levels of humidity with a visible color change from blue to pink. (USA).