Techni-Stat 758ST1012 Static Shielding Bag 10inch X 12inch Flat 100/Pk

758ST1012 MFG #: 758ST1012
$20.69 / PK
  • Drill Down Description: Static Shielding Bag 10inch X 12inch Flat 100/Pk
  • Model: 758ST1012

  • Description

    Most economically prices static shielding bag!
    Extremely durable buried metal construction gives Faraday Cage performance needed to shield against static charges. Contains no amines or amides, is N-Octanoic acid free and is polycarbonate compatible. Ideal for packaging of PCB's and IC's. Meets REV. C, TY. III, CL. I and EIA 541. Available with static dissipative zipper or reclosable adhesive top closure, as an alternative to ESD warning labels. (USA)
    EMI Shielding: >10db
    Resistivity- Conductive Metal Layer: <50Ω/sq.
    Surface Resistivity: <1012Ω/sq.
    Thickness: 3.0 Mil
    Light Transmission: 40%
    Puncture Strength: 50 lb/in. (2x)
    Burst Strength: 50 psi
    Heat Seal Strength: >14 lbs/in width
    Heat Seal Rec. Temp.: 250 to 400°F . Techni-Stat 100 - 10" x 12"


    •  EMI Shielding: >10db
    •  Resistivity- Conductive Metal Layer: <50Ω/sq.
    •  Surface Resistivity: <1012Ω/sq.
    •  Thickness: 3.0 Mil
    •  Light Transmission: 40%
    •  Puncture Strength: 50 lb/in. (2x)
    •  Burst Strength: 50 psi
    •  Heat Seal Strength: >14 lbs/in width
    •  Heat Seal Rec. Temp.: 250 to 400°F
    Techni-Stat® 100 - 10" x 12".