Techni-Stat 758ST160 ESD-Safe Tape Dispenser Holds 2 Rolls 1inch Wide with 3inch Core

758ST160 MFG #: 758ST160
$51.91 /
  • Core Size: 3inch
  • Description Price Table: Two Roll Tape Dispenser
  • Drill Down Description: ESD-Safe Tape Dispenser, Holds 2 Rolls 1inch Wide with 3inch Core
  • ESD Safe: Yes
  • Ground Cord: No
  • Model: 758ST160
  • Note: The unit does not come with a ground cord. The rubber on the bottom of the dispenser acts as the ground and should be placed on grounded work surface.
  • Number of Rolls: 2
  • S3 Product Index: 142-163

  • Description
  • Yellow plastic blade protector
  • Dissipative body

Slip resistant esd-safe rubber base. Offers two 1? wide rollers and holds up to two rolls of 1? tape or one roll of 2? tape with 3" core.To move yellow plastic blade protector - grab the yellow plastic with your fingers on each side and pull it away from the tape dispenser. Protector will fold backwards away from the tape exposing the blade. This will allow them to cut the tape with no issues and once they are done they just push the yellow plastic back over the blade to protect it.