Techni-Tool 758TW3000

758TW3000 MFG #: 758TW3000
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  • Model: 758TW3000

  • Description

    Techni-Tool® Tweezer w/ Replaceable Carbon Fiber Tip 3 ESD

    Why Carbon Fiber Tip Tweezers?

    Carbon fiber tip tweezers combine the precision of metal tweezers and the softness of plastic tweezers. They cost more than other tweezers, but expensive and delicate components require special handling. Heat Resistance 464°F/240°C.
    PEEK tip tweezers are very hard with a very high wear resistance. Heat resistant to 260-300°C. Excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive agents and excellent resistance to thermal aging.

    Techni-Tool Quick Change Tip Tweezers
    Specifically designed for the electronics industry, these ESD-safe tweezers are made of anti-magnetic, anti-acid stainless steel with replaceable tips. 4.25" OAL (125mm).