RIGOL MSO8000: The Best High Performance Oscilloscope Investment
Ask electronic design engineers how much time they spend debugging embedded communications, and they’ll tell you: It's non-trivial. Ask why it can’t move faster, and you’ll learn that high-performance oscilloscopes are expensive. Here’s a question: Have you looked at RIGOL’s MSO8000?

The RIGOL MSO8000 features deep memory and a high sample rate with advanced analysis capabilities that engineers need to debug complex signals quickly—without having to debug the budget.

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Real-Time Eye Analysis
Complete signal quality analysis for serial data transmissions. Eye Diagram Analysis makes it easy to debug subtle timing, noise, and risetime issues on serial data signals. Combine with Histogram analysis of edge transitions for visualizing and characterizing embedded transmissions.

Unmatched Sample Rate Performance
Today's high speed designs drive the need for precision measurements and often nyquist sampling is insufficient to insure adequate signal construction. The UltraVision II technology brings a max sample rate of 10GSa/sec. This industry best sampling insures accurate signal visualization with no aliasing, distortion or signal loss.

Advanced Jitter Analysis
Visualize and debug precise timing characteristics in serial data signals. Combine jitter readings with Time Interval Error trend and TIE histogram.  The high sample rate and deep memory combine to analyze subtle timing effects of complex signals.