Rohde & Schwarz NGU Source Measurement Units

High accuracy and fast load recovery time make NGU source measure units (SMUs) from Rohde & Schwarz ideal for challenging applications. A special ammeter design is used to precisely measure current drains from nA to A in one pass. There’s no need to make multiple measurement sweeps.

Short recovery times enable the instruments to handle fast load changes that occur, for example, when mobile communications devices switch from sleep mode to transmit mode. With high-speed data acquisition, every detail is detected down to 2 μs resolution.

NGU source measure units provide two- or four-quadrant architecture, allowing them to function both as a source and a sink to simulate batteries and loads. Each provides up to 60 W of output power and sink power. The channels are floating, galvanically isolated, and protected against overload and short circuits.

With six measurement ranges for current and a resolution of up to 6 1⁄2 digits when measuring voltage, current and power, the R&S®NGU source measure units are perfect for characterizing devices that work from extremely low power consumption to high currents in the ampere range. Using ammeters with feedback-amplifier technology increases accuracy and widens the sensitivity down to the nA range.


NGU201 Source Measurement Units

The two-quadrant R&S NGU201 SMU is a new member in the family of wireless communications test instruments, mainly designed to supply devices under test with extremely low sleep currents, such as Bluetooth® low energy devices. t is ideal for powering battery-operated devices due to its adjustable output impedance and fast impedance regulation.

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NGU401 Source Measurement Units

The four-quadrant R&S NGU401 SMU is the semiconductor testing specialist for general-purpose applications that span many different industries and many different devices under test. It can act as bipolar power supply or bipolar electronic load, and comes with a modulation input to connect an arbitrary generator, enabling the instrument to act as an AC source.

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