Tektronix IsoVu Gen 2 TIVP Isolated Probe

Engineers working with wide-bandgap technologies like SiC and GaN face significant challenges accurately measuring and characterizing devices due to higher frequencies and switching speeds. By galvanically isolating the probe from the oscilloscope, IsoVu probes changed how power researchers and designers make wide bandgap power measurements.


Building on the success of the original IsoVu series, IsoVu Gen 2 TIVP Series probes offer an impressive set of upgrades and enhancements across the board, including:

  • Smaller size – At about one-fifth the size of the first generation, TIVP Series probes make it easier to access hard-to-reach, previously inaccessible measurement points. The separate controller box is also now self-contained inside the probe’s compensation box.
  • Improved sensitivity – Less noise at +/- 50V measurements for greater visibility and voltage sensitivity in wide bandgap measurements.
  • Greater accuracy – Improved DC accuracy, enhanced gain accuracy over the full input range, and improved temperature drift correction for deeper characterization of wide bandgap designs for increased energy efficiency.
  • Less tip swapping – With wider dynamic range at the sensor head, fewer tips are required to cover the same voltage range as IsoVu Gen 1, shortening the time needed to perform device testing, eliminating potential errors when swapping tips, and lowering ownership cost.