What is a Water Recirculation System?

The optional TestEquity W100 Water Recirculation System provides a reliable source of demineralized water for the humidity system, using ordinary tap water. Condensate from the chamber is returned back to the water tank. The water is filtered before it is pumped back to the chamber's humidifier system. This system is ideal for installations where a water line and drain are not available.

  • Provides a reliable supply of deionized water for TestEquity Temperature/Humidity Chambers.
  • Closed loop system. Chamber condensate drains into tank.
  • Ideal when a supply of water and drain is not available.
  • Uses tap water for initial fill. Most competitive systems require an initial fill with deionized water.
  • Plug and play.
  • Water is pumped from the tank, through a deionizer filter, and into the humidifier system.
  • Wheels allow you to roll it to an area where it can be filled or drained.
  • Optional and highly recommended. Compatible with TestEquity Models 123H, 123HS, 1007H, 1016H, 1016H-2, and 1027H Temperature/Humidity Chambers.
  • NOTE: Model 101H includes a water recirculation system which is conceptually similar to the W100.

Water Recirculation System for Temperature/Humidity Chambers
TestEquity 1016H Chamber shown with
Model W100 Water Recirculation System.