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What is GN2 Purge?

  • GN2 is Gaseous Nitrogen. NOT Liquid Nitrogen (LN2).
  • Creates dry atmosphere in the chamber.
  • Consists of a solenoid valve, flow meter, injection tube, pressure relief vent.
  • To eliminate condensation in temperature chambers. Why you might get condensation in any chamber...
  • For low controlled humidity in humidity chambers (below 6°C dewpoint limitation of standard humidity range) .
  • Lower initial cost compared to Dry Air Purge.
  • Customer needs to supply nitrogen from tanks or a bulk system.
    • May not be an issue if customer already uses gaseous nitrogen for other processes.
  • Rapid release of nitrogen gas into an enclosed space can displace oxygen, and therefore represents an asphyxiation hazard.

Achievable Humidity Conditions
Above chart is only applicable to Temperature/Humidity Chambers.