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What is Dry Air Purge?

  • Creates dry atmosphere in the chamber.
  • Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Drier.
    • Takes the moisture out of "shop air".
    • The dryer contains two desiccant chambers, while one chamber is drying the compressed air (adsorption), the other chamber is simultaneously undergoing regeneration (desorption). At a predetermined time both exhaust valves close and repressurization begins. Every three minutes the desiccant chambers are reversed in function, this is the changeover point. Changeover is characterized by an immediate venting of compressed air from the desiccant chamber entering regeneration. This is the "heatless regenerative" process.
  • For low controlled humidity in humidity chambers (below 6°C dewpoint limitation of standard humidity range) .
  • To eliminate condensation in temperature chambers. Why you might get condensation in any chamber...
  • Higher initial cost compared to GN2 Purge.
  • Customer needs to have a large, noisy air compressor.
  • May not be an issue if customer already uses compressed air for shop tools.
  • Noisy (burst of air) when it cycles every 3 minutes.
  • Field installable on all Models 123, 115A, 1016. Field Installable on Models 1007, 1027, and 3007 chambers that have the newer flat doors.
    • Dry Air Purge System connects to the GN2 Purge inlet.
    • GN2 Purge option is required when ordering the Dry Air Purge option. This is because the Dry Air Purge System connects to the GN2 Purge Inlet.

Dry Air Purge

Dry Air Purge concept for new TestEquity Chambers. Dry Air Package connects to the GN2 Purge Inlet.

Achievable Conditions

Light shaded area shows achievable range of controlled humidity conditions when Dry Air Purge is used in in a TestEquity Temperature/Humidity Chamber.
Above chart is only applicable to Temperature/Humidity Chambers.