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Series F4 Controller for Environmental Chambers

Legacy F4 controller, originally developed in 1998. For modern features and improved functionality, we recommend the F4T Touch Screen Controller. More info about the F4T Touch Screen Controller >>

F4 Temperature Controller User's Manual

F4 Temperature/Humidity Controller User's Manual

F4 Instruction Manual (From Watlow, for reference only. See manuals above for TestEquity-specific instructions)

Programmable Temperature Controller The F4 Programmable Controller features a four line, high definition LCD interface display that makes manual operation, profile programming and controller configuration significantly faster and easier. A large LED readout indicates the actual chamber temperature with 0.1°C or °F display resolution. Internal logic provides refrigeration compressor control based on the demand for cooling for responsive and reliable performance.

The controller is packaged with a NEMA 4X front face to withstand harsh environments. It is manufactured for TestEquity by Watlow and backed by a three-year warranty.

Set Point Ramp and Soak Programming
The enhanced programming features found in the F4 controller are the result of listening to our customers' demand for greater capabilities with reduced programming complexity. Up to 256 steps can be programmed into as many as 40 namable profiles. These profiles are easily entered, stored and recalled using the controller's front panel keys, without the need for a computer.

A profile guide leads you through the programming process by offering choices for step configuration. For better operator recognition profiles and digital I/O used for events can be given names of up to 10 characters in length.

Five step types including ramp, soak, jump, auto start and end offer you complete flexibility. Ramp steps can be based on time or rate. Ramp and soak steps can be programmed to wait for up to four event inputs and three process variables. Up to seven event outputs are step selectable. Five sets of PID heat/cool parameters are also step selectable. The auto start step can start a profile based on a set date, a day of the week, or daily. The jump step can be used to jump within a profile or to another profile.

Serial Communication
RS-232 and RS-485 serial communication interfaces are included. The baud rate is selectable as either 9600 or 19200 baud. The controller uses Modbus™ RTU protocol. Modbus™ enables a computer to read and write directly to registers containing the controller's parameters.
RS-232C programming resources >>

Optional GPIB Interface (option 0003 or 1052)
Converts the controller's serial interface to GPIB.
More info about the GPIB interface and programming resources >>

Optional Ethernet Interface (option 1056)
Converts the controller's serial interface to Ethernet.
More info about the Ethernet interface and programming resources >>

Two Form "C" electromechanical alarm relays are included. These alarms can be programmed as either process or deviation alarms. The alarms can be tied to up to three process variables. (The chamber also has an independent High/Low Limit Controller with an audible alarm which is used as a safety device.)

Optional Analog Retransmit
Analog retransmit capability is available to retransmit two variables. These variables include chamber temperature, chamber humidity (model 1007H only), set point or percent control power.

F4 Controller Specifications

Accuracy & Sensor Conformity*
±0.55°C, ±1 LSD (above -50°C)
±0.65°C, ±1 LSD (below -50°C)
±0.1°C/°C rise in ambient
Digital Inputs
Four inputs. Contact closure or dc voltage, 10 kohm impedance
Retransmit Outputs
Two outputs.
User-selectable ranges:
0 to 10 VDC, 0 to 5 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC
0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
Alarm Outputs
Two alarm outputs.
Electromechanical relay, Form C, 2 A @ 20 VDC or 240 VAC max.
(Both alarms are committed for system use on Model 1007H and not available for customer use.)
Digital Outputs
Up to six open-collector outputs are available for customer use depending on the chamber model and configuration.
OFF: 42 VDC @ 10 µA max.
ON: 0.2 VDC @ 50 mA sink max.
Internal supply: 5 VDC @ 80 mA
RS-232 and RS-485 serial communications with Modbus™ RTU protocol (9-pin D-Sub connector provided on chamber, wired to accommodate an RS-232 null-modem cable)
Safety & Agency Approvals
UL/c-UL 916-listed, File #E185611
CE to EN61010
NEMA 4X and IP65
CE EMC to EN50082-2
CE EMC to EN55011
Process: 5, seven-segment red LED
Interface Display: 4-line high-definition green LCD
Selectable °C or °F
Data Retention
Retention upon power failure via nonvolatile memory (seven years for battery-backed RAM)

*Note: Total system accuracy in the chamber includes thermocouple wire accuracy. Thermocouple wire accuracy is ±1°C or 0.75% of reading, whichever is greater.