Indium WIREFC-52837-0454 Wire Solder .020inch Diameter SAC305 CW-201 - 1 lb. Spool

881SO213 MFG #: WIREFC-52837-0454
$61.62 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: Wire Solder .020inch Diameter SAC305 CW-201 - 1 lb. Spool
  • Model: WIREFC-52837-0454

  • Description

    These flux-cored wire solders combine the latest in tin/lead and Pb-Free flux technology. Cored with a high-reliability flux, they provide excellent solder spread and wetting speed, in a full range of activity levels.

    Exceptional heat stability

    Compatible with tin/lead, Pb-Free, and high lead-containing alloys

    Low Smoking

    RoHS compliant

    Virtually void-free

    Pleasant honey cream scent CW-201 RA Cored Wire Solder
    Highly reliable, compatible with Pb-Free and Sn/Pb materials. Provides excellent solder spread with minimal smoking, spatter and odor. Fast wetting speed minimizes rework cycle time.
    Blend of traditional flux-coated solder wire with modern flux technology for exceptional performance while meeting the latest industry standards.
    RA type. High activity for difficult-to-solder surfaces
    SAC305 Alloy
    .020" Diameter
    1 lb spool