Indium IND-52408-0454 CW-301 SAC305 Water-Soluble Flux-Cored Wire Solder 0.020inch

881SO313 MFG #: IND-52408-0454
$57.94 /
  • Alloy: SAC305
  • Diameter: 0.020 in (0.50 mm)
  • Flux Type: Water Soluble
  • Lead Type: Lead Free
  • Drill Down Description: CW-301 SAC305 Water-Soluble Flux-Cored Wire Solder, 0.020inch
  • Model: IND-52408-0454
  • Primary Keyword: Solid Wire

  • Description
  • Excellent clean ability w/cold water
  • Resistant to charring
  • Residue: Amber
  • J-STD-004: ORH1
  • J-STD-004B: ORH1

Cored with a high reliability water-soluble flux. It provides excellent solder spread with minimal smoking and low odor. The fast wetting speed is beneficial in minimizing rework cycle time, which is typically longer with Pb-Free solders. Minimal spattering and low odor.