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Tektronix and Keithley make it easier to invest in industry-leading test and measurement equipment by offering a 15% Discount to education institutions.

Help students explore electrical engineering with electronics labs from Tektronix and Keithley bench instruments. They'll help you teach your students basic to advanced skills they need to troubleshoot their designs.

The standard 15% Tektronix & Keithley education discount applies to the test equipment you need including oscilloscopes, power supplies, digital multimeters, arbitrary function generators and more.

TestEquity also welcomes formal bid packages. Contact a TestEquity Account Executive for competitive educational quotes or to participate in a formal bid.

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Recommended for EDU Bench Configurations:
We can work with all disciplines to create a total solution for teaching environments, research labs and Innovation Centers.  To include hardware, software and component services.



Fundamental Teaching Laboratory

Prepare future engineers for tomorrow's exciting challenges with an affordable yet powerful suite of entry level test equipment. This bench configuration includes the hardware, software and service components you will need to give your students the engineering fundamentals they need.


Electronics Engineering Laboratory

With the advancements of electronic design, design and implementation skills have particular emphasis on analog and mixed-signal circuits, serial bus decoding, power management, wireless communications and rapid prototyping. This configuration provides students with the instruments to help them learn real world applications.

Next Generation RF/Wireless Laboratory

Equip your students with solutions to learn challenging designs for wireless technologies and complex IoT designs.


Software Solutions for the education lab

Help students put engineering theory into practice and prepare them for industry. Educators can choose from a range of straightforward tools that optimize the lab teaching environment (on campus and remote), help students visualize complex ideas, and increase measurement learning and insight.


TekSmartLab is the industry's first network-based lab instrument management solution for quickly setting up and efficiently managing basic electronics in engineering laboratories at colleges and universities.

  • Supports up to 600 instruments (100 test benches) on a single platform
  • Records and displays instrument asset information, providing better information for classroom scheduling and decisions on energy consumption or lab equipment investments
  • Retrieve test results wirelessly with a smart device

The centralized control of instruments enabled by the TekSmartLab solution dramatically improves the classroom and lab experience for students, instructors and lab managers.

Tektronix Fundamentals Library

The Tektronix Fundamentals Library is a set of technical papers that cover basic concepts to advanced test and measurement techniques.

Oscilloscope Fundamentals
Explains how oscilloscopes work. Describes differences between analog, digital storage, digital phosphor, and digital sampling oscilloscopes. Provides description of electrical waveform types. Reviews basic oscilloscope controls and how to take simple measurements.

Probe Fundamentals
Describes the types of probes. Reviews strengths and weaknesses of different probes. Explains how to select the right probe for your application.

ABCs of Probes
Explains how probes are the critical link to measurement quality.

XYZs of Oscilloscopes
A great starting point towards understanding oscilloscope basics and their operation.

Signal Generator Fundamentals
Describes the types of signal generators. Explains how, why, and when to use a signal generator.

Keithley Low Level Measurement Handbook
A great starting point towards understanding oscilloscope basics and their operation.

Keithley Fundamentals Library

For more than six decades, Keithley has played a key role in research and academia by developing new measurement techniques and equipment to support cutting-edge technologies. Leading professors and university-based researchers around the globe choose Keithley products for teaching and for measuring equivalent trace levels of DC voltage, current, resistance, and temperature.

Low Level Measurements Handbook
Keithley's Low Level Measurements Handbook contains the information you need to make the most accurate, sensitive measurements on today's small devices, plus proper use and configuration of nanovoltmeters, picoammeters, electrometers, and high and low resistance sources. There's also an instrument selection guide, a glossary, a troubleshooting guide, and a section about safety considerations.