Why Buy a TestEquity Environmental Test Chamber?

Optimal Performance, Reliability, and Serviceability at an Attractive Price

TestEquity manufactures environmental chambers, temperature chambers, and humidity chambers for a wide range of environmental test applications. Benchtop and free standing models are available. They are ideally suited for testing electronic components, systems, and finished products. TestEquity chambers are used by some of the world's largest manufacturers in industries ranging from mobile phones, tablets, semiconductors, memory devices, aerospace and defense, automotive, electric vehicles, and more.

Easy to Use, Easy to Buy, Fast Delivery from Stock

TestEquity makes the process of purchasing an environmental chamber easy by including the most frequently requested options in a standard unit for one price, with fast delivery from stock. All standard models are available for sale, rental or lease

Designed and Manufactured by TestEquity

We designed and manufacture our own brand of environmental chambers based on our 20-year experience of selling reconditioned environmental chambers. Our products are manufactured in USA at our Moorpark, California facility.

Our engineers have had the unique opportunity to evaluate and solve the performance, reliability, and user interface issues of chambers from every major environmental chamber manufacturer. TestEquity chambers combine the latest advances in refrigerant, insulation, heat-exchanger, metal fabrication, and microprocessor controller technology. The distinctive styling will be a welcome addition to your lab. Combine this with ease of use, reliable performance, fast delivery, our 3-Year Parts/1-Year Labor Warranty, and a variety of standard features at an attractive price. It all adds up to the best value environmental test chamber you can buy today!

The Industry's Best Warranty

Only TestEquity offers a 3-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor at your domestic site. Our nationwide service network is qualified to do the job right. And we always have replacement parts in stock for immediate shipment.

Robust, Easy to Use Controls

The F4T is our next-generation controller. Featuring a touch-screen interface, it's exceptionally easy and intuitive to use.

F4T Touch Screen Controller  for TestEquity Environmental Chambers


Fast, Safe Delivery From Stock

Waiting 8 to 16 weeks for a chamber can be a painfully slow experience. That's why we build our chambers to ship from stock. We often ship the next day after we receive your order. Our custom designed shipping containers - with a cushioned pallet, foam insert and extra heavy cardboard wrap - protect the chamber while it is in transit to you. Packaging for our larger chambers includes a built-in ramp so you can roll the chamber off the pallet without needing a forklift.

Rental Options

We even offer rental plans to solve your short-term needs. It is often faster and easier for you to get funding for rentals. It's another way that TestEquity make it possible for you to get a chamber within a matter of days. Plus, our reusable packaging makes it easy for you to return rental units back to TestEquity when the need arises. Call us for attractive rental and leasing rates.

The TestEquity Difference

  • Simplified design for increased reliability, ease of use.
  • Serviceability – All electrical and refrigeration components fully accessible.
  • Attractive and functional design.
  • Best warranty and support, nationwide service.
  • Best value – Standard features for no extra charge.
  • Easy to buy – Prices and specifications are published on our website.
  • All models are built for stock and available for fast delivery.
  • Available for sale, rental, or lease.

Simple, Repeatable Design for Reliable and Predictable Performance

Surprisingly, not every chamber manufacturer can make these claims about how their chambers are designed and manufactured.

  • Each length of copper tubing is documented, pre-formed with computer-controlled equipment, and inventoried. This ensures each chamber is built as engineered.
  • Minimum use of soldered fittings to reduce the possibility of refrigerant leaks.
  • Each chamber is built identically with standardized piping and wiring for repeatable performance.
  • Electrical and refrigeration designs are validated for performance over wide range of operating conditions.
  • Optimized architecture to maximize the performance and reliability of components.
  • No design band-aids. Robust self-regulating design requires minimum adjustments in production and over the life of the chamber.

Great Product Support

  • World’s best chamber warranty – 3 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor.
  • Technical support provided by the same engineers and technicians who design and test the product, not clerks.
  • Nationwide service network – Not run as a profit center for TestEquity.
  • Full cooperation with independent service contractors and in-house maintenance departments.

Things to consider when comparing price quotes from other manufacturers

What is the warranty?
Other manufacturers have a 90 day warranty or at most 1 year on parts and labor. TestEquity environmental chambers come with a 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor.

Does the chamber come with a window and interior light?
Most manufactures charge extra for a window and interior light. TestEquity includes them for no extra charge (applicable models).

Does the chamber include a shelf?
Most manufacturers charge extra for a shelf. TestEquity includes one for no extra charge.

Does the chamber include a limit controller?
A limit controller is an important safety device. It protects your product against over- or under-temperature conditions. Most manufacturers charge extra for an independent limit controller. TestEquity includes an independent limit controller for no additional charge.

Does the chamber include a port on the left and right side?
Most manufacturers include only one 2-inch access port on one side. This means you may have to re-arrange your bench or test set-up to accommodate the port location. A second port on the other side is extra for most manufacturers. TestEquity includes a port on both the left and right side (3" for 101H, 107 and 115A, 4" for all other models).

What others say about TestEquity environmental chambers

"TestEquity has combined many of the best features of the top environmental test chambers on the market today into their affordable and reliable environmental chamber product line". Chris Mahanna, President and Technical Manager at Robisan Laboratory Inc.

"Thanks for the excellent support. Any time we have questions, there is always someone knowledgeable to provide telephone assistance."

"This is a serviceman's dream! The removable side panels make it the easiest chamber to service. It's a well thought out and simple design which does the job without a lot of necessary bells and whistles to go wrong."

"TestEquity chambers have been performing great. I have been pushing other members of our team to use these chambers as they seem more reliable than Ten*** or CS* chambers that we have used in the past."

"I like the fact that you use independent service companies to provide warranty and after-warranty support for your chamber. We own quite a few chambers from many manufacturers and already have a good relationship with a local service company. I can't stand Therxxxxxx (another chamber manufacturer) who will only let their own service group repair their brand for ridiculously high prices."

"TestEquity got the order because of the speed at which you handled things. I had requested quotes from you and Therxxxxxx and they didn't even call me back until 9 days after leaving my first message. So thanks for the quick response and service."

"Your chamber looks great in our lab. The color hides dirt. Works great too!"

"Our management really took notice of your 3-year parts warranty. And you have the performance we needed at a price that didn't require a lot of signatures to approve."

TestEquity Environmental Chambers


TestEquity environmental chamber customers include these companies

AT&T Wireless
Alcatel Lucent
Analog Devices
Apple Computer
Ball Aerospace
BF Goodrich
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Cisco Systems
Cypress Semiconductor
Delphi Automotive
Department of Defense
General Electric
General Motors
International Rectifier
JDS Uniphase
Johnson Controls
L3 Communications
Lawrence Berkley National Lab (USDOE)
M/A Com
Marvell Semiconductor
Maxim Integrated
National Instruments
National Semiconductor
Naval Research Laboratory
Northrop Grumman
Orbital Sciences
Osram Sylvania
Samsung Telecommunications
Sandia National Laboratories
Schlumberger Industries
Silicon Laboratories
Skyworks Solutions
Stanley Black & Decker
Teledyne Electronics
Tesla Motors
Texas Instruments
Watlow Electric
Western Digital
and others!