Model 123C Temperature Chamber Specifications

Temperature Range
-68°C to +175°C
Control Tolerance
±0.5°C Short-term variations measured at the control sensor after stabilization)
±1°C (Variations throughout the chamber after stabilization)

Cool Down Transition Time

Start Temp End Temp
+23°C 0°C -40°C -55°C -65°C -68°C
+23°C ----- 6 min 27 min 41 min 55 min Ultimate
+85°C 18 min 28 min 54 min 70 min 85 min Ultimate
Heat Up Transition Time
Start Temp End Temp
+23°C +50°C +85°C +125°C +150°C +175°C
+23°C ----- 2 min 12 min 24 min 33 min Ultimate
0°C 3 min 9 min 18 min 32 min 41 min Ultimate
-40°C 9 min 16 min 25 min 39 min 48 min Ultimate
-55°C 14 min 18 min 31 min 44 min 53 min Ultimate
-65°C 15 min 21 min 32 min 45 min 54 min Ultimate

Rate Of Change
To calculate rate of change for a particular condition, take the difference between the Start Temp and End Temp and divide by the Transition Time.
Cool Down Example: From +85°C to -40°C = 125°C / 54 min = 2.3°C/min.
Heat Up Example: From -40°C to +85°C = 125°C / 25 min = 5.0°C/min.

*Note: Transition times are measured after a 2 hour soak at the respective start temperature with an empty chamber, as indicated on the temperature controller, 23°C ambient. Measured with setpoint beyond the start and end temperatures. Does not include the effect of proportional band when approaching setpoint. Performance is reduced on 123C-EX 50 Hz export versions by 17%.