Keysight 34980A Switch/Measure Unit

15603.1 MFG #: 34980A
$3,245.00 / EA
  • Drill Down Description: Switch/Measure Unit
  • Model: 34980A
  • Web Meta Description: Keysight 34980A Switch/Measure Unit. Order online from TestEquity, an Authorized Keysight distributor.
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  • Description

    • 8-Slot mainframe with integrated 6.5 digit DMM
    • 21 Plug-in modules - DC to 20 GHz switching, Digital I/O, D/A Converter, Counter/Totalizer
    • 560 2-wire mux or 1024 2-wire matrix cross-points in one mainframe
    • Scan rates up to 1,000 channels/sec
    • Standard LAN, USB, GPIB connectivity
    • Now LXI Class C Compliant
    • SCPI language compatible with 34970A
    • IVI-COM, IVI-C, NI LabVIEW drivers included
    • Front panel or graphical web interface for remote access and troubleshooting
    • Priced up to 40% less than VXI or PXI systems
    • A BenchVue software license (BV0006B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.
    • Three-year warranty

    Low-cost alternative to VXI & PXI platforms

    The 34980A is an eight-slot mainframe that has an optional built-in 6.5 digit DMM with your choice of 19 different plug-in modules. These include switching from DC to 20 GHz, digital I/O, D/A converters, and counter/totalizer functionality. One mainframe can accommodate up to 560 2-wire multiplexer channels or 1024 2-wire matrix cross points. The 34980A also includes USB, Ethernet, and GPIB as standard interfaces to the PC. With Ethernet connections and the graphical web interface, you can access and control the unit remotely. Standard connectors on the modules also allow you to use standard, off-the-shelf 50- and 70-pin shielded cables to easily connect test signals from the instrument to the unit under test or other test points. Additional wiring options include detachable terminal blocks for discrete wiring needs and mass interconnect solutions.

    The 34980A includes a built-in graphical web interface that provides remote access and control of the instrument via any Java-enabled web browser. Using the Web interface, you can set up, troubleshoot, and maintain your system remotely.

    • View and modify instrument setup
    • Open, close, or monitor switches
    • Setup and initiate scans
    • Send SCPI commands
    • Define and execute switch sequences
    • View error queue
    • Get status reports on relay counts, firmware revisions, and more

    The internal DMM is mounted inside the mainframe and does not consume any of the eight user-available slots. It gives you the flexibility to measure 11 types of inputs:

    • Temperature with thermocouples, RTDs, or thermistors (with 34921A)
    • DC and AC voltage
    • 2- and 4-wire resistance
    • Frequency and period
    • DC and AC current
    Low Frequency Modules
    Module Description Max
    34921A 40-ch armature multiplexer w/ low thermal offset ±300 V 1 A 45 MHz 100 <3 µV · Temp reference
    · 4 current channels
    · Config as 2- or 4-wire
    34922A 70-ch armature multiplexer ±300 V 1 A 25 MHz 100 <3 µV Config as 2- or 4-wire
    34923A 40/80-ch reed multiplexer ±150 V 0.5 A 45 MHz 500 <50 µV Config as 1-, 2- or 4-wire
    34924A 70-ch reed multiplexer ±150 V 0.5 A 25 MHz 500 <50 µV Config as 2- or 4-wire
    34925A 40/80-ch optically isolated FET multiplexer ±80 V 0.05 A 1 MHz Contact Factory <3 µV Config as 1-, 2- or 4-wire
    34931A Dual 4x8 armature matrix ±300 V 1 A 30 MHz 100 <3 µV Backplane expandable
    34932A Dual 4x16 armature matrix ±300 V 1 A 30 MHz 100 <3 µV Backplane expandable
    34933A Dual/Quad 4x8 reed matrix ±150 V 0.5 A 30 MHz 500 <50 µV Backplane expandable
    Config as 1- or 2-wire
    34934A Quad 4x32 reed matrix +/-100V 0.5A/0.5A 20 MHz N/A <70 µV Row expansion kit,
    Config as 1- or 2-wire
    General Purpose
    34937A 28-ch Form C & 4-channel Form A +/-300 V
    +/-250 VAC
    1 A
    5 A
    10 MHz N/A 3 µV
    34938A 20-ch 5 Amp Form A +/-250 VAC 5 A 10 MHz N/A 3 µV
    34939A 64-channel 1-am Form A ±100V 1A/2A 10 MHz N/A 3 µV

    System Control Modules
    Module Description
    34950A 64-bit digital I/O with memory and counter Eight 8-bit digital I/O channels with programmable polarity, thresholds up to 5 V, 7 handshaking protocols and pattern memory. Two 20 MHz frequency counter/totalizers.
    34951A 4-channel isolated D/A converter with waveform memory Output DC voltage up to ±16 V or DC current up to ±20 Output waveforms with a 200 kHz update rate and 16 bits of resolution. Use on-board memory to create waveforms with more than 500,000 points.
    34952A Multifunction module with 32-bit DIO, 2-ch D/A and totalizer Four 8-bit digital I/O channels, two ±12-V analog outputs, and a 100 kHz gated totalizer.
    34959A Breadboard module Create your own custom designs with access to the +12 V and +5 V supplies, 16 GPIO ports and 32 drive lines.

    A BenchVue software license (BV0006B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.