Power Up to Advance Your Test

Today, your products are changing the way we all work and play - wearables, electric vehicles, and more. Keysight power supplies are changing the way engineers prove their design, understand the issues, and ensure product quality. On a bench or in a system, oru power supplies are ready for your application - offering optimal choices in voltage, current, capability, and precision. Test with confidence with Keysight. 

As an Authorized Keysight Distributor, TestEquity has most popular models in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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Bench Power Supplies
Get the best performance and device protection with the right size power supply.

E36300 Series

80 and 160W. Triple output, low noise, and featured packed - our most popular bench power supply.

E36200 Series

200 and 400W. Single and dual output, autoranging provides more current at all voltages for power hungry devices.

E36100 Series

30 to 40W. Single output, low noise, designed for today's low power devices.

E3630 Series

120 and 200 W. Single output, dual range for higher current devices. 

E3640 Series

30 to 100W. Single and Dual outputs with a flexible dual range.

  • Each output has a low and high voltage range.
  • The low voltage range allows the power supply to output more current.
  • Dual output version operate in tracking or independent mode.
  • 10 Models to choose from
  • Data Sheet
U8000 Series

90 to 150W. Single output, manual control, an economical choice.

U8030 Series

375W. Triple output manual control power supplies with semi-automated sequencing.

ATE System Power Supplies
Reduce integration and test times with a compact programmable power supply.

N6700 Series

Low-Profile Modular Power System, 4-slot mainframe accepts 1 to 4 modules with 38 modules to choose from.

N6705C Series

DC Power Analyzer Mainframe. 4-slot mainframe accepts 1 to 4 DC power modules with 38 modules to choose from.

  • Highly integrated instrument with a built-in DMM, oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator and datalogger.
  • N6705C 600W DC Power Analyzer Mainframe
  • Data Sheet
  • Power Module Data Sheet
N5700 Series

DC System Power Supplies, 3300 and 5000W, 21 models to choose from.

  • 750W and 1500W in a 1U package
  • GPIB, LAN (LXI-C) and USB interfaces
  • Data Sheet
N8700 Series

DC System Power Supplies, 3300 and 5000W, 21 models to choose from.

  • 3300W and 5000W in a 2U package
  • GPIB, LAN (LXI-C) and USB interfaces
  • Data Sheet


N8900 Series

5, 10 AND 15 kW Autoranging DC Power Supplies, 14 models to choose from.

  • 5, 10 and 15 kW Autoranging power in a 3U package
  • GPIB, LAN (LXI Core) and USB interfaces
  • Data Sheet

AC Power Supplies
Basic and High Performance models to meet your AC test challenges.

AC6800 Series

Basic AC sources up to 4000VA

6800 Series

Performance AC Source/Analyzers up to 1750 VA

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